Services & Fees


How does it work?

Jonah’s Online Sales makes eBay easy!

Jonah’s specializes in providing eBay services to individuals and businesses of Verona Wisconsin and surrounding communities. Our specialists work hard to ensure that your “treasures and memories” become new money for you and passed to someone who will appreciate the item(s). We work with people who are looking to sell just a few items to a household of lifetime items. 

Who are our clients?:  Anyone looking to get rid of "stuff", anyone downsizing, someone with a lifestyle change such as moving into senior housing, a family member/friend who has passed away, anyone looking for a way to get more money to gain more financial independence.   

So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in selling on eBay or need assistance or guidance with your "stuff", but aren’t sure how to do it or simply would rather not go through the trouble of doing it yourself, call us today! 

Bring in your items or Schedule a Pickup

A Jonah’s Online Sales specialist will give you a free estimate of your item’s online market value. They’ll then list and hold the item until it’s sold or give back to you in the event it does not sell.  If you have many items or a household full of “treasures and memories,” we can help advise. If you would like JOS to schedule a pickup at your location, a 5% extra charge on all items will be added to the final sale. 

We take care of it for you

Jonah’s Online Sales does all the work!  We list, photograph, answer buyer questions, and ship your item. We’ll email you a link so you can watch all the action as it occurs. 


  • Buyer pays all shipping/package fees
  • Buyer pays all applicable sales tax
  • JOS pays all eBay and PayPal fees

Sale of item         J.O.S. Commission

$0-$10                          60% 

$10.01-$50                  50%

$50.01 -$100               45%

$100.01 - $500            40%

$500.01-$1000            35%

$1000.01-$2000          30%

$2000.01-$5000          25%

Coins, currency, bullion - 25% flat fee

Boats/Vehicles/items over $5000 inquire


  • 5% extra commission charge on all items picked up at your location by JOS
  • $3.00 minimum commission
  • $3.00 charge on all items that go unsold. This includes items that have been on auction 3 times, items requested back by the seller, or items that have been on a Buy-It-Now price for one month.

You get paid

After your item(s) sells, Jonah’s Online Sales collects payment from the buyer.  We will mail you a check and an itemized invoice with a breakdown of all sales and fees. We issue checks at the beginning of each month or when the job is complete.

Have Large Items?

** Examples of items we have marketed and sold: large household furniture,  cargo trailer, baby grand piano, commercial equipment, barn, helicopter, Cessna airplane, farm tractor, antique farm wagon, houseboat. **

We can also assist you with listing and marketing large items. Depending on the item, we will market on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, our website, and sometimes on eBay. The item(s) will stay at your location until it is sold. After a phone discussion about any item(s) you would like help selling, we will send a sales representative to your home/business to gather all information, take photos, and go over the contract. A JOS sales representative will field all inquiries for you.  To close the sale, the following are options to help best suit your needs: 

1. Full commission listed below applied to sale: 

    Once a serious potential buyer is established, our representative will make arrangements for pick up and meet the buyer at your location to complete the transaction and make sure all parties are paid appropriately. 

2.  25% of the commission sale to JOS applied to sale:

      If you feel comfortable to meet the prospective buyer and collect payment for the sale of an item, a JOS sales representative will provide you with the prospective buyers information and you make an appointment to view/sell the item and collect payment. Once item(s) is sold, please contact JOS and arrange commission payment.