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 "My sister and I were completely overwhelmed after our mom passed. We both lived out of state and had no idea where to begin in tackling her 3 storage units. Not only did we need to go through HER stuff, but there was also everything form our grandfather's estate!!! We knew some of it had value, but we had absolutely no idea where to begin, nor did either one of us have the time or energy to do the research. After a quick search on the internet, my husband came across Jonah's Online Sales. The reviews were great AND it was local, it seemed too good to be true. I called them from Colorado to ask a few questions and we set up an appointment for my next trip to Madison.  Laura and Tim were amazing!!!! They came to our mom's condo and spent a full day looking at everything that we had no idea what to do with. They packed up the stuff they thought would sell and magically took it away. It felt like two angels had come to our rescue. They were kind, professional, and worked really hard to sell the items. They kept us updated and informed along the way, their eBay marketing looked very polished, and it was fun to watch the bidding online. I truly can not say enough good things about Jonah's online sales. They made a very difficult time a little easier...actually, a lot easier."  - Jodi

"I have been buying items on eBay for twenty years, but I do not want to deal with everything that is required to successfully sell my items. Laura and Tim have taken the work and worry out of that for me and I cannot thank them enough. I have listed about twenty collectible items with Jonah’s Sales in the past two months. I have been very impressed with their professional approach and the detail they provide in both descriptions and the photos. They continually keep me informed of the status and the final results.I will continue to recommend them to my friends."   -   Mark

"We have been very pleased with all the work you have done for us. Plus, you spurred me on to get busy cleaning things out. We have recommended you to many people, and I know they will be happy with you, too."  -  Jan

 "I recently purchased some items on eBay from Jonah's, and a family member also purchased something from them that was sent to me as a gift. The items were just as described online and arrived in excellent condition. I also especially appreciated that Laura at Jonah's was good enough to respond to a special request that I had. Wonderful people to deal with!"   -  Ann

"I can recommend Jonah's without reservation. I am a widow, and when I downsized in fall 2018 I wanted to sell equipment that I no longer needed, moving from a small farm to a condominium (such as a snow blower). In addition, my husband had collected coins and paintings and tools and a set of 18 international bird books. There were some sentimental issues, but mainly my goal was to get things into good hands and garner what they were worth. I had no idea where to start with where and how to sell, and, moreover, I was short on time.  Tim worked systematically to identify what might be of value. He knew where and how to sell things, including pricing. For example, we had put my husband's bird encyclopedia on eBay as a set. Tim was able to sell the books one by one thought they did not sell as a set. Tim and Laura worked with me as I unpacked and found more coins that I wanted them to look at. At the end of my move I felt good about selling the things that had value and knowing that I had not given away things that had high liquid cash value. Tim and Laura were kind and easy to work with and always responsive."  -  Amy 

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