Benefits to running a charitable auction/fundraiser through Jonah’s Online Sales:

  • Helps people contribute that do not always have the cash on hand
  • Helps people clear out unwanted items
  • Potential to raise a lot of money
  • Minimal work on your end, just help us get the word out and collect the items, we do the rest
  • It’s fun, people can watch the auctions online, we will forward a link to your organization to share so you can see the action

How does it work? 

With your help, we will collect the items from your members that we would sell online. This could be items that people no longer need such as (but not limited to) brand name jackets, camera equipment, sporting goods, collectibles, silver and gold, etc. These items could be new or vintage. We would ask that the value be around $40 or more per item to make it profitable.  We would then conduct the auction to run 10 days online. After the items sell, we would collect the money and ship out the merchandise. We literally ship around the world. Funds then would be split for 70% to your organization and 30% to our business that would help pay online selling fees and operating expenses. This is much lower than we charge the average client. 

Our goal is to help your organization raise money to benefit your charity in a 

creative and blessed way!