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Meet Tim and Laura


Going through a household of “treasures and memories” can be not only an overwhelming task, but also pulls at your heartstrings. As we all know, our material items are just that; however, over time items can hold memories or a sentimental value and worth. As we also know, items can hold great monetary value that can be sold and then bless us with the funds to move forward in life. You ask yourself, “Where do I start? How do I know what has more value to sell online?” This is where we come in and help with the process.  If you have a few items and want to bring them into our office, great. If you would like us to come to your home and help you go through your items, and determine if they will be better sold online, or direct you in a direction of where else they could go, we offer this service as well. Our goal and desire is to help you feel comfort and ease through the process of downsizing, and directing your “treasures and memories” to a new home to be appreciated. 

Why is selling online beneficial?  This can range from helping anyone who is: moving and downsizing, retiring, family member passed away, financial gain, not enough time to do it yourself, not wanting to have an estate sale or garage sale with strangers on your property, or not knowing what you have. 


Our journey with eBay all started in 2001 when Tim started selling items as a hobby. This great hobby of selling and generating a little money was very exciting. We got married and within a year our oldest son was born.  With Tim working full-time as a Police Officer and Laura as a stay-at-home mom, we wanted to find a creative way to earn extra money and bless our family.

It started out small with just finding items around our house to sell, then got into the world of garage sales, estate sales, and auctions. This became an adventure to find “gems” to resell. We also found there was a great need for people who wanted help selling their “treasures and memories,” but did not have the time, desire, or heart to do it.  This is where we saw an opportunity to to be of service. 

With a growing family of now three wonderful boys, we looked into our hearts and what our priorities were for our family.  Tim has always had a passion for being an entrepreneur, and we decided to put everything in our faith-bucket and move from Minnesota to Verona, Wisconsin in 2013 to be closer to family, where Laura grew up. Tim retired early from the PD after 12 years of dedicated service and enjoyed serving the community his worked in.

Our business name, Jonah’s Online Sales, came from the Biblical story of Jonah that spoke to us. Just like Jonah, for years we kept trying to do what we thought in our minds was best, but felt a “heart tug” to go a different direction and put our faith in God to take a chance with being entrepreneurs.   We have been successfully running our business full-time in Verona since 2013.